About Liz Blaxell

Liz writingLiz Blaxell is a leading Australian editor and writing coach with a passion for helping people to find their voice and use it to craft their books and articles. She has worked extensively with professionals, aspiring authors and tertiary students to hone their writing skills and develop a love for the written word.

Liz has a lifelong passion for words, the spoken word and the written word. She spent countless hours as a child writing stories, completing word puzzles and rehearsing her interviews for fictitious television programs. She would play with words as you might play with a toy, pulling them apart, putting them back together and turning them back to front and inside out.

Her professional life started as a cadet journalist with West Australian Newspapers in the south coastal town of Albany at The Albany Advertiser and later as the sole journalist in the farming community of York at The York Chronicle. In these roles she gained an invaluable grounding in journalism, with experience across a broad spectrum of areas including community, education, health, police and courts. She later worked as a journalist and editor of several resources publications including The Australian Mining Times and The Oil and Gas Gazette. Liz moved into corporate communications to expand her communications experience working in the mining and construction industry with Macmahon Holdings and the non-profit sector with Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

By this stage she had extensive experience in all aspects of publishing and publications and was keen to develop her own publishing business. This became Nelipot Productions. In this business she published numerous books including the highly successful children’s books Alphabet Surf and Gnarley grom Marley and various novels, self-help and cookery books.

Her publishing work has been complemented by her roles as a university tutor and a media trainer working with small business owners. Many of her university students have faced uphill battles achieving their educational ambitions for a variety of reasons. By instilling a strong sense of self-belief in her students, Liz has helped them to overcome their self-imposed limitations and achieve results they would have never believed possible.

She has taken the opportunity to evolve her business into In Your Words, helping people to find their voice and use it to write their own books. She has no greater joy in her professional life than imparting her knowledge of the written word and all things publishing.