Deanne headshot.pngLiz has been a huge inspiration to me as a writing coach. She’s really helped me to think about writing and held me accountable to keep making progress and putting time into my writing projects.  One of the things I love is that she’s really encouraged me to experiment and try different styles, and has given me permission to be creative and write just for enjoyment, without needing a purpose or a goal.

Liz has also had practical advice on how to get my writing published and consider my audience.  Building my writing practice has given me the confidence to try different things and write for different audiences.  Thanks Liz!!

Deanne Renting ~ Entrepreneur – Land of Plenty

Marnie LeFevre
Working with Liz Blaxell has been a pleasure. I really had no idea who I was going to engage to help me edit my book and when I met Liz it just felt like it was meant to be. She helped guide decisions to cut content and ensured the book flowed and made sense. I highly recommend Liz she is a fantastic editor and a really beautiful person to work with as well.

Marnie LeFevre ~ International Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert – her book Coming Out of the Closet is now available

I approached LizAlphabet Surf because I wanted to print and publish a children’s picture book called Alphabet Surf but had no idea where to start. I had the pages in the rough but felt overwhelmed at the thought of trying to figure out what to do next. Liz helped me along the entire process of creating, printing, publishing and selling the book Alphabet Surf.

Liz did this initially by discussing what my vision was and then advising me what the next logical steps were to making it happen. Once we had a firm view of what the finished product should look like the rest came quite easily. Liz also took care of a lot of little details I was not aware of but are required in publishing a book, which left me free to work on the core creative elements.

The result was amazing and exactly fulfilled my vision. One thing I liked was her ability to work collaboratively, keep my vision in mind at all times, but also take the initiative when required.

I found the whole experience very easy and I always felt confident in Liz’s ability to bring my dream to reality. Without Liz, I am not sure Alphabet Surf would have ever come to fruition. I would recommend Liz to people who have any idea and want it brought to life.

Chris Walton ~ Author/Illustrator Alphabet Surf – The Surfing A to Z

Gnarly grom MarleyI had the pleasure of working with Liz to self-publish my book Gnarly grom Marley. Being my first publication the entire process could have been daunting, but with Liz’s assistance I was able to focus my time on writing the best story I could and liasing with my illustrator to deliver fantastically visual artwork. Liz took care of the rest.  Any time I had a query Liz replied promptly with sound advice and direction and her expertise was invaluable. The end result is an excellent book which I am most proud of. Thank you Liz.

Clayton Perry ~ Author Gnarly grom Marley